Ariel Clarke

Assistant Company Director / Contemporary / Technique

Since she could walk, Ariel has danced, modeled, and acted. Upon graduating, she became a full-time traveling instructor and choreographer, during which she has received multiple choreography and visionary awards. Ariel has choreographed for and participated in Orlando-based artistic events and projects including the innovative IMMERSE Orlando Festival, The Shift, Orlando Uncovered, and Canvas Creative Movement Coalition. In recent years, she has also branched out into the music video and film industry, working with artists like Coach Kit, SVVN, and The Raven Foundation. Her education and training includes programs such as Gaga Labs, SpringboardX, BODYTRAFFIC’s full-length summer program, The Gypsy Project: LA, and Mediterraneo Dance Festival, with instruction from foundational people such as Tilman ODonnell, Alexandra Wells, Brett Easterling, Erica Sobol, James Gregg, Clementine Deluy, Tina Berkett, and MiCaela Taylor, to name a few. Most recently, she was accepted into the 20 th edition of Springboard Danse Montréal, where she performed works of Juliano Nuñes and Kelly Ashton Todd. Ariel also attributes much of her development to her own tireless research. Impacted by the fantastical and sensory revelations of the movement language, Gaga, her movement is deeply rooted in the various sensational layers available in the body, fueled by a wide range of mental and emotional experience. Drawing inspiration from everywhere, her hunger and curiosity for new information and understanding propel her to constantly question and step beyond her own boundaries within her explorations.