Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a top technical training experience for dancers of all ages and levels. Regardless of the end goal of each student, we believe that they should all get the best training and develop skills correctly in the dance form they are studying. Having an experienced, professional faculty is key, and our teachers have a strong background in performance and company experience. Our faculty prides itself on teaching from personal experience and passing the knowledge that they have acquired to the upcoming artists of XDA!


We are proud to have one of Orlando’s largest dance spaces for our students to thrive and grow in. We have 3 large rooms, all with a professional sprung flooring system covered with Marley. Each room has its own professional stereo system and lighting. Our largest studio is 60x80ft with high ceilings that we transform into a black box theatre for performances. Our dancers never have to worry about space while dancing, they are able to focus on doing movement how it is meant to be done.

Our dancers also have access to a stretch room to warm up in, with equipment and a mirror to use on breaks.