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Our company dancers are hardworking, talented individuals that want to improve their artform and are inspired to learn. While competing and winning is fun, it is not our main goal. We take our company dancers to events that offer workshops, scholarships, and real-life opportunities. Our goal is to use the competition world as a stepping stone into the professional dance industry for the students who want that.


Those interested in our company, must attend our summer Bootcamp followed by the company auditions. We allow dancers 5-19 years old to audition to be a part of our company.


Those in the company train anywhere from 8-20 hours per week depending on the age and level of the dancer. There are also mandatory workshops throughout the season, as well as competition and workshops.

What to Expect

Our company dancers work hard and are very dedicated, they are expected to be in all classes and rehearsals unless there is an emergency or illness. They also have many fun moments and are a closer group of students than you will ever meet. For more information, please reach out to the studio director.

Junior Team

Mini Team